The Brands



Workwear has come a long way since the days of the navy boiler suit and nowhere has it come further than our WorkCraft™ stock service range.

From trade to transport, the WorkCraft™ range has been designed and manufactured to exceed the demands of modern industry. Every item is rugged and hardwearing, but not at the expense of fit, comfort and ease of movement. In short, WorkCraft™ is designed to work for work. Quality and durability are the hallmarks of WorkCraft ™. All garments are designed to comply to workwear standards.

We use only internationally recognised retroreflective tape, for general domestic washing and industrial laundering at extreme temperatures. For the ultimate in toughness, comfort and reliability, get the job done with WorkCraft ™.



A busy commercial kitchen is no place for the faint of heart. It’s also no place for sub-quality uniforms. Comfort, movement and the ability to withstand heavy laundering are essential elements of any chef’s garment. With the ChefsCraft™ stock service range, these essentials are just for starters.

ChefsCraft™ uniforms offer the best of both worlds. They are competitively priced while giving you the ability to customise to your specific tastes and requirements. Style, function and affordability are assured.

Every item in our extensive stock range is manufactured using only the highest quality fabrics and components.

ChefsCraft™ garments maintain the essential aura of the traditional chef’s uniform and adds a dash of contemporary edge, with a wide choice of styles, sizes and colours.

With ChefsCraft™, hospitality staff not only perform like true professionals, they also look and feel the part too.



Through the ages, fire has been one of man’s most invaluable tools - and the greatest dangers. In today’s industrial world, that danger has intensified and diversified as an increasing array of materials, processes and environments can lead to combustion.

Never has the need for flame-resistant clothing been more important for health, safety and personal protection. Flamebuster® manufacture to specific designs in industries involving petro-chemical, electrical, oil, welding, fire services and molten metals.

These days, it’s all about risk management. Companies have obligations under Occupational Health & Safety regulations to mitigate risk and safeguard employees, especially in industries where severe or even fatal burns are an everyday possibility. Providing adequate protective measures in these circumstances can be a problem. However Flamebuster® provides a solution.

Flamebuster® garments combine uncompromising quality, reliability, comfort and value. They are constructed from only the best certified and tested materials. The result is total peace of mind for those who wear Flamebuster®.

Flamebuster® garments are accredited to stringent Australian Standards to ensure our workers stay safe, comfortable and protected at the most critical times.

When it comes to surviving an incident involving flame, heat or electrical arcing, it is imperative to have a garment you can rely on and one that has been designed and tested to perform according to the job at hand. Flamebuster® garments are specifically designed to provide protection for a range of environments.

Accidents may be unavoidable but Flamebuster® helps tip the odds in your favour. Everyday workwear does not always offer sufficient protection when exposed to hazards in the workplace. Typically, they are fabrics made from untreated or non-inherent fibres. These types of fabrics can ignite when exposed to flame or intense heat and will continue to burn even after the source of ignition has subsided, causing life-threatening consequences to the wearer. Worse, the synthetic content can melt, causing severe burns when coming in contact with the skin. Flame-resistant clothing, however, not only provides thermal protection at the exposure area, it will also self – extinguish after the source of ignition is gone. In other words, it has the potential to avert disaster.

The quality of flame-resistant clothing depends on the fabric with which it is manufactured and Flamebuster® garments are made with the best available. We offer a choice from the world’s leading flame-resistant textiles, all of which are fully compliant with Australian and international safety standards. In terms of comfort, durability and protection, all textiles in our range is second to none.



Today’s hospitals are busier than ever, and medical professionals work tirelessly around the clock.

Behind the scenes, the laundries serving them are working just as hard. A constant stream of garments including ancillary products such as blankets, napery and towelling passing through their machines. These are products that need to perform for the healthcare workers and patients who wear and use them day after day.

The Medi8™ stock service range of hospital and medical products have been created with the demanding environment in mind. Every item has been designed and manufactured to optimise performance, comfort and durability.

Medi8™ high-quality hospital products perform the way they are intended to perform time and time again. That’s the Medi8™ promise.